Elizabeth Elliott’s 6th book of poetry, Climate Change And Nature: While Choice Is Ours, was published in Spring 2017 and focuses on what she believes is the most important issue of our time. The book includes fascinating bios of young people working on various aspects of the climate change issue; these profiles sharpen the reader’s appreciation of the human struggle to heal nature that is elucidated in Elliott’s searing poems.

What people are saying:

“Your poems have given me hope. I have been feeling hopeless and helpless. You gave me hope.” –R.W., Lenox, MA

“We’ve been reading the poems aloud. We read one, turn to ‘– just a word’, turn back and read the poem again. It’s very important.” –P.D. and M.D., Buffalo, NY

“I love the whole presentation, the cover artists with their work shown a second time, after the poems are finished. I love the dedication and the bios of the three young people taking on such huge tasks as carbon reduction and all of NYC’s recycling program. And of course, the poems themselves.” –V.V., Philadelphia, PA

“I was meeting my husband at the bookstore as you were reading the Beheading poem, and I simply couldn’t leave.” – G.G., Santa Monica, CA