A Place In Time

All things take their place in time

which opens for them

as a woman opens her jacket on coming into a room,

and when it has come to be,

and every person has been taxed,

and every person seated in the seat to which he can always return,

and every person heard by at least one of his own exact kind,

when all this, and all other events,

that were to take place,

that could have taken place in the room,

when all this is just now done,

we easily seem through a door we had not seen before,

an other room, to which it is time now, to go,

and we leave with no regrets,

not looking back because we know we have forgotten nothing,

and we know if it is not a seat we will be give,

a seat to which we can always return,

and we know if we are not taxed and not heard,

as we have always been and needed to be,

taxed and heard,

it does not matter, we know it will be whatever it is,

as full and correct as we who go there now

are also full and correct.