Etymology Of Wife And Woman

veiled and vibrating
viporous, wavering,
swinging and silken wife,
the Germans took wife and found whip,
got brandish and twist and to wind.

the English, not fond of pranks, took wipe,
while the Dutch encircled their wife with weather,
and the French, oh those Franks,
said it was simple,
“Envelop her only in silk.”

to human and homage, coupled and blithe,
came babe of the coppered bell,
came clamorous, babulous, bubbling shrine,
came tree of high lookout and hope,
came first but not last of their pith and shine.

both wife and woman
husband as house
unwavering godhouse to children
each bidden to love and to melt her
each bidden to savor and shelter.

do with this as you will,
time passes still.